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Feel satisfied knowing that you’ve hired an experienced Realtor who is going to put your needs first.


When hiring a Realtor, you want to find someone competent, who will be able to handle the finer details.

You want the security of knowing that your Realtor knows what she is doing and that you are in good hands, especially with the housing market being what it is today.

You’ve heard the horror stories, or perhaps you’ve been burned by a Realtor in the past who chased the sale, sprinted towards a high commission, and left your best interest in the dust.

Now you're doubtful, wondering if the bold move the neighbours took in choosing to forgo hiring a realtor altogether and sell their house on their own was, in fact, smart.


If I were you, I’d feel a bit overwhelmed, maybe a little confused. Selling your home, or purchasing a new one is a big deal, and you don't want that fear of making a mistake, or embarrassment of getting caught in negotiation not knowing what to do next.

donna house.png

Real estate is probably not your expertise.

I don't expect you to know every little thing about buying or selling these days- that's my job. You just want someone who you can ally with and trust to assist and advise you during this crucial time.

You deserve a realtor you feel confident with.

You deserve someone who will always and have your best interest at heart. You and your realtor should be a trusted, integral team.

I hate to say this,
but I’ve been burned before.

I've been there. I’ve experienced that pushy agent who wouldn't listen. They didn’t take the time to listen or understand the situation my family was in. Not long after hiring, it was clear that they had their own agenda, not working with the best interest of my family. Compromising not just our money but our peace was too costly for us. It stung when it was all said and done, and that's what inspired me to become the agent that I am today.

“I interviewed many agents from several companies; some key qualities I looked for in our agent were respect, knowledge, and a strong work ethic; and I needed to hire someone we could trust completely. Donna exceeded each and every one of these virtues.”

“We always felt she [Donna] had our backs, no matter what.”

“What should have been a stressful time, was actually a lot of fun. We really enjoyed our working relationship with Donna – she was always the calm in the storm, and we had many laughs on the side.”

“It sure was a pleasure working with you Donna. I felt you understood me at all levels. You are a credit to your profession. Cannot wait for my neighbors to see the “SOLD” sign.”   


Working together is as easy as...


Call me! I am always open to a phone call to find out your needs and wants, and if we are a good fit, let’s set a time to meet!


Upon our first meeting, I like to have deeper conversations about your desires for selling your current home, and what you will be looking for in the future. I also like to use this time to further educate you about my specific sales process.


You can confidently sell your home and purchase your new one stress free!

Give me a call and let's
have a chat!


I’d love to hear from you! If you call and I do not answer, rest assured I will get back to you as quickly as possible, within 24 hours. If you would like to connect with me sooner, send me a text message!

Don’t let pushy sales people ruin your opportunity.

You don’t need to feel any more frustrated, more overwhelmed with legal, financial details. You could face some huge risks that will cost you money, time, and your peace.

Instead, hire an agent that will make you feel over the moon!

You should feel satisfied that you have made a great decision, relief, appreciation that you’ve found a Realtor who understands what you want and will get you what you need with ease.

donna house 2.png

“We are truly having the time of our lives – and have Donna D’Amico to thank for making this such a smooth transition.”

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